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Our Online Heating Oil Ordering tools allow customers to place orders directly from your website. When you become an EnergyWeb customer, everything your online ordering environment requires is set up for you. This includes hosting and security certificates. You are also automatically upgraded to new features and tools as they become available, keeping your online ordering system always up to date.

Security Features

SSL Security Encryption

Our online ordering system is protected with a 128 Bit SSL security certificate to protect all private data transmissions. Your customers' information and your order data is protected at all times.

Webmaster's Welcomed - We're Compatible

Have an existing website that you are happy with or webmaster working on a website for a client in need of an online ordering solution? Perfect. Our online ordering tools are able to integrate into your existing website through a variety of methods including Javascript, iFrames, direct linking, XML, JSON, HTTP/API. Our plans even supports use of your domain name in the ordering environment. Example:

Automatic Updates & Patches

Never worry about server updates, security patches or unnecessary exposures. We take care of all of that.

Data Center & Backups

EnergyWeb utilizes both Rackspace and Amazon Web Services to deliver and securely store your data. Our system is automatically backed up around the clock.


Payment Processing & Related Features

Credit Card, Cash/COD, On-Account, EFT, eCheck

We are compatible with a growing list of payment gateways including COCARD/AVATAS, Sage Payments, Quickbooks Innovative Merchant and Authorize.Net. If you are not sure which payment gateway you are using or need assistance, we are here to help you navigate the confusing world of credit card processing.

In addition to credit cards, you have the ability to allow your customers to request delivery with Cash/COD and On-Account payment methods. Depending on your payment gateway we also support EFT, eCheck and Telecheck transactions.

Maintain Your Margin While Accepting Credit Card Payments

Our system accommodates a variety of credit card/cash discount/price adjustment scenarios to meet your business rules. Automatically adjust your per-gallon price quote or delivery surcharge to reflect the customers payment method, including card type, delivery location and order quantity.

Locality Based Sales Tax

Our tax tables automatically add in sales tax for counties and locations charging state sales tax on deliveries. Commercial or second-property orders can also be identified and charged sales tax where appropriate.

Ordering Features

Define Your Delivery Area

Your delivery area can be defined at the zip code level or by polygon definition to accommodate delivery to partial zip codes or corridors in metropolitan locations. Manage delivery day expectations by assigning anticipated delivery days to some or all of your destinations.

Saved Customer Accounts

Allow customers to place repeat orders with ease using our Saved Customer Account system. This feature allows your customer to quickly sign-in on return visits and place a repeat order without having to re-enter their delivery information. Depending on your back-office system and version, we are even able to merge data sets to create a power single access user interface.

Minimum Delivery Quantities & Tiered Pricing

Stop driving across town for small drops. Set minimum delivery quantities for locations further away or even charge a few extra cents per gallon for the delivery. Configure online ordering pricing to match your existing price and gallon splits.

Prime/Start Fees and Winter Mixes

Collect your prime fee up front when the order is placed. Winter mixes & additives can also be purchased at the point of sale.

Short Delivery Fees

Charge short delivery fees to orders that do not meet minimum delivery quantities. This feature can even be limited to selected delivery locations, i.e. nearby neighborhoods.

Built-In Marketing Support

Twitter & Facebook

Keeping up with social media websites can be a full time job. To make your life easier we've integrated our back end system so you can keep customers and followers up to date on changing prices, special offers and promotions from a single location.

Smart Inclement Weather Alerts

If hazardous winter conditions exist in the forecast for the customers delivery area, they are boldly reminded during the ordering process of your delivery terms and conditions regarding clearing driveways and pathways to access the fill pipe. This feature also has the ability to connect with our Degree Day Email Reminder system to detect which customers may be nearing a reorder state during an inclement weather forecast period and notify them in advance to re-order.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Easily track customers contact information and email addresses for follow-up email marketing. In-fact, our system will even connect with most common email marketing programs like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and Constant Contact and automatically add customers to your contact list when orders are placed!

Degree Day Email Reorder Reminders

Our Degree Day Email Reminder system is the most effective way to generate recurring will-call orders. Our system tracks the degree day data for each individual order (and specific zip code location) and calculates when an automatic email should be sent to your customer with a friendly reminder to reorder. The reminder email provides them with a direct link into your ordering system. Turn traditional will-call customers into hybrid-full-service customers with this feature.

Dashboard & Order Management Features


The Dashboard ("DashApp") is our secure access portal and interface that allows you to access order information, control settings, update prices and interact with your EnergyWeb account. We've made it very intuitive and easy to use for even the most computer challenged individuals. If you're website was created by EnergyWeb you also have the ability to maintain and update pages, navigation, images, downloads and view analytics statistics.

Delivery Location Map & Driving Directions

Included with each order is an accurate, customer verified map of the delivery location showing the customers location and nearby cross streets and addresses. As an added convenience driving directions from your office location are included with each order print out. While few deliveries originate from the office, the directions provide a driver familiar with the area the last few turns to locate the customer.

Easy Email Order Confirmation

Effortlessly notify customers that you have received their online order and confirm any delivery information. Configure email templates and signatures to make this confirmation process nearly automated. Our inclement weather alert tool automatically reminds customers to clear driveways and pathways to the fill pipe when hazardous conditions exist.

Street View

A photograph of the delivery location is included in markets where Google Street View data is available. While this technology is still expanding it is another example of how we're continuously working to keep our products up to date and bringing our customers the most advanced technologies available on the web.

Robust Order Processing Tools

The Order Screen is the area within the Dashboard that consolidates online orders you have received and allows you to view order details. There are several features that comprise the ordering screen.

Delivery Risk Assessment

Every online order placed with credit card displays import Address Verification ("AVS") and CVV2 response messages. Our system translates the response codes into plain English explanations that allow your staff the make appropriate judgement calls before delivery is made. Having easy access to this data can help reduce credit card charge backs and help eliminate fraudulent orders.

Prices, Settings, Terms & Conditions

Everything is specific to your company and its business rules. During the setup period we work to with you to configure the system to your requirements. Once we're live you have the ability to easily update and modify individual preferences as necessary.

CSV/Excel & PDF Reporting

Export order and customer details into a universally accepted CSV file or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Individual orders can also be exported into a PDF format for individual archival or sharing via email.

Plans & Pricing

We offer two monthly plans to choose from depending on your needs. Optional account setup & training packages are available if you would like assistance configuring your account and prefer one-on-one phone & screen share training for your staff.


Service Plans



Setup Fee



Delivery Area Features



Delivery Locations (Zip Codes)



Delivery Day Schedules



Short Delivery Fees



Minimum Delivery Quantities


Zip Code Specific

Payment Features



Live Credit Card Processing

Feature Included

Feature Included

Prime/Start Fees

Feature Included

Feature Included

eCheck, Virtual Check Processing



Reporting Features

SQL Reporting

CSV/Excel Exports



Additional Payment Features



Promo/Discount Codes



Winter Additives & Custom 'Up-Sells'

Feature Included

Feature Included

COD, On-Account Payment Modules

Feature Included

Feature Included

Credit Card & Cash Surcharge/Discounts

Feature Included

Feature Included

Offline Check/Bank Q-Check, Telecheck



Online Bill/Service Invoice Payment



Additional Reporting Features



Analytics eCommerce Tracking

Feature Included

Feature Included

Email Marketing Synchronization

Feature Included


Third-Party API Support

Feature Included


Customer Service & Marketing Tools



Bilingual (English & Spanish) Online Ordering

Feature Included
Feature Included

Day-Of-Delivery Auto Email Reminders w/ Weather Triggers



Pricing & Features Valid until July 1, 2023 (CODE: 91C6F5E3).



Are there any setup fees or long term contracts?

EnergyWeb is a month to month service. There are no long term contracts, you can cancel at anytime. Refunds are not offered for past payments. If you downgrade or cancel you will not be billed again. There are no setup fees, however, account setup & training support packages are available.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit card payments. Normally your monthly service plan begins upon sign-up and will be billed to your credit card monthly. Traditional pay-by-check, purchase order, invoice is available at pre-paid quarterly billing intervals.

What if we need a website?

EnergyWeb offers website design services. Prices vary depending on your needs but typically range from $1000 to $3000 for discount delivery only websites and $3000 to $6000 for full service oil delivery companies offering full HVAC services. We can review your needs and put together a design proposal for you.

Can I change my plan later?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. The new plan will be available instantly.

Are new features & tools ever released?

We're constantly developing new features and improving existing tools. As a general policy, we will never remove features or functionality from an existing product plan. When new features and services are developed they will be made available within their respective product plan. You will be instantly upgraded.

What on-going support options do you offer?

We offer email and ticket support 24 hours per day with fast response times. Live chat support within the Dashboard is typically available during our normal business hours. Phone support is offered to our 'Full Service' customers. Account setup and training packages are also available.

Custom plans are available and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

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